Frequently Asked Questions
Sovrana Hotel & Spa Rimini

FAQ - Italiano

To open the door touch the card on the sensor near the door, to activate all the systems leave the card inserted in the slot inside the room.

Our Wi-Fi works by connecting to Sovrana Hotspot, without a password.

For an external line dial 0, for Reception dial 9.

Winter brunch: 7:30 am - 10:00 am weekdays 7:30 am - 11:00 am Sundays and holidays. Summer brunch: 7:30 am - 12:00 pm.

The Bar and Reception are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

The Re Aqva SPA Wellness Center is open every day.. we recommend you book in advance!

By 12:00 if you booked directly with us, by 10:00 if you booked through online agencies such as Booking or Expedia. If you like to be late book a late checkout

All rooms are non-smoking; failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of € 200 which will be charged to your account.

Do not use the elevator. Notify the Reception immediately (tel. N. 9). Exit the room and close the door behind you, press the fire alarm button and make your way to the exit. If the smoke makes the hallway or stairs inaccessible, go back to your room and close the door. Remember that a door that is wet and sealed with damp clothing will protect you from fire and smoke for a long time.

Room service is from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. During the morning, when you leave the room for a walk with your 4-legged friend, we ask you to inform us, so as to clean & tidy it in your absence. Respecting the environment and your health, the room is sanitized with ecological, hypoallergenic and 90% biodegradable detergents.

Help us protect the environment: many guests who have stayed before you in this room have chosen to use their towels several times before asking for a change.. join them! You will help us save water, detergent and energy. Leave towels you wish to be changed on the floor.
In the same way, on your return from the beach, leave the towel at Reception to be cleaned, or keep it with you for the next day.
During your stay, if you prove to have an eco-friendly attitude, the housekeeper of your room will reward you with a voucher of 5 € which you can spend in Re Aqva SPA :)
Remember that there are 2 waste collection stations in the hotel lobby, take advantage of them!

We have prepared a cabin for you at Bagno 35 where you can leave your mattress, life jacket and beach toys. This way you will not have to carry your beach equipment back and forth and your room and / or balcony will remain clean and spacious.

For the best rest, we provide you with the pleasure of choosing an exclusive pillow: SENSE (Ergonomic Myform Memory), SHADOW (Myform Air Orthocervical), FLOW (natural feather), SUN (Hypoallergenic Fiber). Ask the Reception or the Housekeeper which one you prefer.

Yes, you can bring your pet of any size! You can even take it to the beach, it will stay with you under the umbrella.

Yes, our bicycles can be used free of charge every day, upon availability, for 2 hours a day per person. If you want to use them for longer, you can rent them for an extra € 5 per bike per hour or opt for a daily fee of € 15 per bike. At the Reception you will be given a key chain to park your bike safely: keep in mind that the bike is delivered to you in perfect condition, it is your responsibility to take care of it and use it correctly, any damage to the bike will be charged to you bill. At the end of use the key must be immediately returned to the Reception, so as to allow other guests to use it. It is not possible to reserve this service.

The collection and storage of baggage is free: the owner of the goods is aware that the Sovrana Hotel & SPA is not responsible in case of any loss or damage to them. In the event that the owner does not claim his goods within two weeks, the Hotel may discard them without notice. The Sovrana Hotel & SPA reserves the right to deliver the goods to any person who comes with the hotel receipt, without further identification.

The water supplied by our taps comes from the nearby Ridracoli dam: it is purified, micro-filtered, by our plant. Drink it without hesitation, you will help us reduce plastic waste.

For your safety, the CCTV camera system is active, both inside and outside the building.

To watch TV you have to leave the key inserted in the wall reader near the entrance door. Digital channels follow standard numbering, SKY Vision is available from channel 350. All TV channels are free-to-air, in case of encoding problems or no signal please contact Reception for a quick software update.

Brick Water: € 2.00
Soft drink glass-bottle: € 3.50
Juice glass-bottle: € 3.50
Beer: € 4.50
Snack: € 2.50

When you arrive, on the desk in your room, you will find a packet of instant coffee: it's a little something to welcome you! If you would like more just request them from the staff; however, these will be chargeable.

Yes, the outdoor car park and the underground garage both charge a fee. You can charge your car by parking in our garage, with the NextCharge app you will make the payment directly online

Yes, an external laundry service is provided, which is not available on public holidays. For collection, please contact the Reception by 9:00 am to receive it back by 6:00 pm. For the price list click here