Very important Pet
Sovrana Hotel & SPA Rimini

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Pet Service

We love your dog as much as ours, as well as cows, hamsters, fish, goats & pigs...

Pamper your puppy with our VIP package "Very Important Pet":
• upon arrival: VIP kit + bowl for water & food, freshly washed basket
• room service: meticulous cleaning every day
• hotel: you may take your furry friend on a leash, in all the common areas & garden (excluding dining hall & SPA)
• walks: a short distance from Sovrana Hotel & SPA, you can find a beautiful park with a pathway
The fee for VIP service start from € 15 a night

On demand:
• beach: relax under a beach umbrella with your little friend
• Woof menu: our chef Patrizia is ready to prepare tasty & light treats based on rice, beef, chicken & boiled vegetables
• dog-sitter
• 24 hour veterinarian

To remember:
• if Fido causes any damage to property or persons, the responsibility is yours
• dogs must carry a microchip as well as their valid health booklet with all vaccinations up to date
• Shin is our mascot, he is a male Akita and lives in the Hotel: before entering the Hotel with your dog, please rings the red bell adjacent to the entrance; if you are about to go out with your dog, notify the Reception by dialing the No. 9 from your room's telephone: in case the dogs meet, it will be a safe & pleasant encounter

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