Green Hotel
Sovrana Hotel & SPA Rimini

What are we doing for the environment?

LED bulbs throughout the hotel, condensation boiler, thermo insulation, auto shut-off sensors for air conditioners when windows are open, 100% green electricity, methane gas heating system, home automation in rooms for optimum electricity consumption

Waste disposal:
In all the bathrooms vegan friendly body wash, Ecocert and Ecolabel. Dispensers and courtesy kit made of 100% recycled PET. Stationery and toilet paper made of 100% recycled paper, Bar and Brunch room napkins made of biodegradable paper. Separate collection points for guests and staff. We are committed to a future without plastic in the sea and protected forests

Water dispensers in the dining hall and flow reducers on taps, we use a professional cleaning system for house keeping that reduces water usage by 80%: we use 90% biodegradable detergents, designed to reduce cleaning staff's workload & to minimize their contact with dirty water. We request customers to change towels only if necessary.

Noise & light pollution:
walls and floors of the rooms are insulated against internal & external noise; we replaced the high consumption light bulbs both internally & externally with low consumption bulbs

Food wastage:
Menu planning designed to reduce surplus, to avoid leftover wastage clients have the possibility of choosing portions, displayed on tables is an informative leaflet against waste: the cooperation of our guests has lead to a reduction of wastage of 30%

We offer food products only originating from farms where animal welfare is truly defended, this leads to a very high quality product.

We are a 100% Green hotel. Here's how to reach us on foot from Rimini station in a completely sustainable way!


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